Do You Have Any Skin In The Game?

One should come to see their skin as the epitome of neutrality and comfort. Whether you arrive at this necessary conclusion because of slavery, legacy, circumstances, or despite them, your skin was, is, and will always be innocent. It is an awesome responsibility not to be shirked, or to be compromised.

There is no sin in skin. No blemish, barrier, disadvantage, or curse. Neither yours nor mine.

Skin craves acceptance. Firstly, yours.

Yet, having endured the persuasive onslaught of being dispossessed, the temptation to despise one’s skin in favor of another in which you would be a stranger, is alarming. Will you too, my bosom friend, join the wailing that, “It is the hardest and most despicable thing to be a black man in this country?”

Some of our observations about the differences between “others” and ourselves are interesting. We seem to analyze and draw conclusions from our painful past, rather than be alarmed that we are largely without goals, and therefore opportunities by “others” to get us there are succeeding.

Without goals to redirect our attention and attitudes, anger will capture and shape those attitudes. It is “others’ shade we will crave. Captain Morgan, and Robin Hood, in this scenario, will be our heroes. That’s sad.

For if you are not at home in your skin, where can you ever be? Or whose can you so choose?

Our skin bruised and tarred cannot now be betrayed by self-hate. Indeed, self-love, not because of any superiority aspirations or inferiority denigrating, is a necessary ingredient to progress from whatever circumstances we have been thrown into.

One can easily be led to believe that skin carries within itself an inherent limitation or accelerant. It does not.

We need to understand this about ourselves – giving a poor person lots of money will only change his circumstances temporarily if there is not a corresponding change in his mindset.   

Moreover, we cannot allow circumstances to demoralize and dissuade us from setting goals and striving for them, for to do otherwise is to arrive unhappily at our destination.

God, forbid we succumb to blaming our skin. Our skin is innocent. Our attitude is not.

Our skin is the epitome of neutrality and comfort. Embrace this amazing enigmatic grace.

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Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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