Democrats Must Play The Hand They Draw

The call for President Biden to step away from seeking reelection by factions within and outside the party is not only dishonorable but also unprincipled.

Why choose to throw Biden under the bus because of a debate performance that may be best forgotten – isn’t that playing fair weather friendship?

The time to rally around the nominee Biden is now, albeit an uphill task at this stage to win friends and influence people.

Notwithstanding, the Democrats should be calling for all hands-on deck and pulling out all the stops to get their guy across the finish line – a friend in need is a friend indeed.

The fact is, except for a few people who objected to Biden being the Democratic nominee for the 2024 general election, the overwhelming majority was in support of him – but what a difference a debate makes, given the utterances within and outside the party.

Former Democratic strategist David Axelrod is right in labeling the discussions about replacing President Biden at the top of the Democratic ticket “irrelevant,” given the fallout faced by the party from the recent debate.

The former Obama White House senior adviser said the appropriate time to have the discussion would have been last year.

“Reality check: @JoeBiden is the nominee of the Democratic Party, nominated by voters in primaries across the country,” Axelrod wrote on the social platform X. “Unless the @POTUS, himself, decides to quit — which he won’t — that issue is settled.”

“The discussion that is going on now was timely a year ago, when few wanted to have it. It’s largely irrelevant today,” he posited.

The truth is Biden at his age should not have sought reelection – he already has an impressive resume, served in the senate for nearly 40 years, 8 years as Vice President, and 4 years as President.

The casual observer would see this as sheer ego and the thirst for power.

Now, Biden has come under fire after a poor performance in his first debate against former President Donald Trump.

He has acknowledged that his debate did not go well. At a campaign rally on Friday, he said “I don’t debate as well as I used to,” but emphasized that he “would not be running again if I did not believe with all my heart and soul that I can do this job” – can he?

The fact is after such a lame performance in the debate, it would take a brave man or woman to agree with Biden’s take.

However, one has seen leaders perform poorly in debates and gone on to win elections, the question is, can Biden be numbered among such leaders?

According to a CBS News/YouGov poll published Sunday – 72 percent of registered voters do not believe Biden has the mental and cognitive health to serve as president, up from 65 percent earlier this month. 

His party is split on whether he should run for president, with 46 percent of registered Democratic voters saying he should not compare to 54 percent who say he should.

Biden, however, continues to get support from his family and in a press report, the first lady said that after the debate, the president came to her and said: “Jill, I don’t know what happened. I didn’t feel that great.”

“And I said, ‘Look, Joe, we are not going to let 90 minutes define the four years that you’ve been president,’” the first lady recounted, according to reporters in the room.

The truth is Democrats must play the hand drawn – stand by your man as the song goes: 

Even though he’s hard to understand, mm, mm

And if you love him, oh, be proud of him

‘Cause after all, he’s just a man

Stand by your man

Give him two arms to cling to

And something warm to come to

When nights are cold and lonely

­- Songwriters: Tammy Wynette / Billy N. Sherrill

Readers Bureau, Contributor

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