Decision To Replace Curtly Ambrose Tough But Necessary Says Caribbean Commentator

According to ace Caribbean commentator Cardigan Conner, the decision to remove Curtly Ambrose as bowling consultant of the West Indies team was a tough but a necessary one.

Cricket Ball“It must have been a tough decision for him (Simmons) to make but he also sees it a necessary one that’s not about friends or colleagues from the past, but who he honestly feels can deliver the best product,” said Connor in an interview on HITZ 92 FM’s radio station.

“He (West Indies coach Phil Simmons) feels that Roddy Estwick with his technical background can deliver what he as the main coach needs,” he added.

Ambrose was replaced by Roddy Estwick on the recommendation of Simmons, who said that he wanted a more technical assistant than Ambrose.

Conner, the former Hampshire fast bowler also said that Estwick has the “paperwork to suggest that he qualifies not just as a West Indies bowling coach, but a bowling coach that could go to any job in the world.”

He applauded Phil Simmons for taking a decision against a legend of the game, who was also a former teammate.

He said Ambrose should not view this as a loss, but as an opportunity to learn.

Carol Maye, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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