Dating A Woman Who Has Been Single For A While

Dating A WomanNicole Nation, a writer for, in her article, titled “What you should know before dating a woman who has been single for a while,” cited the book, Lies, Sex & Betrayal by Denecia Green to share four things men should know before entering into a relationship with such a woman.

  1. Selfish tendencies

Initially, expect her to do her own thing often and at times without informing you. It’s not that she doesn’t consider you, but she is just accustomed to doing things her way, whenever or however she desires. Habits like these are difficult to change.

  1. Reserved and guarded

A woman who has been single for a while will be extremely careful in how much information she shares with you. Ideally for her, she will share a little at a time, but keep in mind that for her, sharing a little is a big step, so cherish these big steps. She may also be very reserved about things that matter to her, but when you truly get to know her, she will let you discover her various sides.

  1. Terrified of becoming too attached

She may be completely interested in you and may want to take things further, but many times will hide her true feelings because of the slew of ill-fated relationships she may have had. She is scared to be hurt, scared to love and be loved. She will be scared of you eventually hurting or leaving her, so she tries not to become attached to you too quickly.

  1. Constant mood swings

There may be times when she is annoyed at having to consider someone else, then on the other hand there are times when she is elated to finally have a plus one to take to social gatherings. Try not to be offended too much by her unstable nature. Give her some time to get it together.

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