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Darren Bravo Keeps The Cricketing World In Suspense!

An “I Shall Return Speech” From Darren  Bravo would prove fitting for the New Year!

The Biblical story is told of a son who took his inheritance and wasted it.

He later found himself living a lifestyle that maybe best described as deprived and soon after recognized that his decision was foolish and consequently decided to return home.

On the day of his return, his father was delighted and happy to have him back home. He subsequently hosted a big party in celebration of his returned son whom he first considered dead but now alive; lost but now found.

Now, the foregoing story is summarized here to illustrate the point that in life one makes bad decisions from time to time, but there is always redemption on the basis of acknowledgment and an awakening of consciousness.

The loss of Darren Bravo to West Indies cricket on the basis of a foolish decision and misstep will no doubt left one to ponder, what if?

So, far, the WICB has been doing everything possible to bring back Bravo into the fold and any rapprochement or reconciliation would be greeted with great delight by fans.

There can be no question about the immense contribution that the 27-year-old Bravo could potentially make to West Indies cricket.

After all, Bravo has had an auspicious start to his cricket career and pundits and fans do not compare a burgeoning batsman to the caliber of a Brian Lara for spit.

The fact is Bravo is at that age and stage of his career where he should be stamping his class on the cricket pitch, not caught up in conflict with his employer — the WICB or off-field theatrics.

His controversial tweet of referring to his boss, president of WICB Dave Cameron as a “big idiot” cannot be sanctioned by anyone who has any real sense of human relations at the workplace and more specifically the line of authority.  

The “big Idiot” tweet should, therefore, be left to the “bhuttos” of this world.

Although, it would seem that “buccaneerism,” bad Johnism,” and “Donmanship” are the prevailing trend in pop culture and to a large extent the wider society, cricketers should be made to understand in no uncertain term that that type of behavior cannot be condoned.

Does that mean that a cricketer should not take a stance on issues where there is injustice? God forbid.

Now, it has been argued in many different places that the WICB has made a lot of missteps for which they should be held accountable to the extent of even the abandonment of the structure as it currently exists.

Certainly, that may be a reasonable call but under any structure, the Windies players will have to recognize that a company can’t operate without policies and supervision.

Moreover, the persons elected as management of the board must be viewed as the bosses and accorded the respect they deserve.

The management of a disparate group of people has never been proven easy, let alone sports stars, so any president of the WICB will find the act a difficult one.

That said, a speedy resolution to what ails the relationship between the WICB and Darren Bravo is within the best interest of West Indies cricket.

Hopefully, therefore, with the recent appointment of Jimmy Adams as the new director of cricket, this vexed issue will be given preferred attention and Bravo will be back in the maroon color soon.

Carol Maye, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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