CWI’s President Skerritt — “Cricket Is The Beating Heart Of Our Region”

“Cricket is the beating heart of our region for many individuals, communities, and economies,” said Skerritt as he sought to explain a temporary 50 percent reduction in salaries and cricket funding across the entire regional cricket system from the start of July.

President Skerritt noted that the COVID-19 pandemic disease has made it difficult for everyone, and all hands must be on deck to overcome the challenges faced by Windies at this time.

“This pandemic is hurting every West Indian, and this decision to cut staff and player incomes has been a very difficult one to make, one that will impact so many members of the cricketing family around the Caribbean,” said the President.

He added that “This business continuity plan, unfortunately, requires all stakeholders to make a huge sacrifice, but I am confident that it won’t be long before CWI will be in a position to ensure that the sport we love can restart and be enjoyed once again by the thousands of cricket fans across the region and diaspora.”

He said the board has held out as long as it could in not cutting salaries or staff up until this juncture.

“CWI has kept staff, players, umpires, and coaches on full-pay since the outbreak of COVID-19 and have tried our best to avoid any cuts for as long as possible. CWI hopes that these temporary measures will only be in place for not more than three to six months.”

Skerritt concluded by stating that “these measures will also include a 50 percent reduction in funding for Territorial Boards, Territorial Board Franchises and WIPA, as well as a 50 percent cut in all retainers and allowances for Directors and Executive management.”

Carol May, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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