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CWI President Laments Lack Of Commitment By Windies Players

Cricket West Indies President Dave Cameron, while speaking in an interview on Hitz 92 FM’s Sports Grill, lamented the poor performance of Windies players.

He argued that the team’s current struggles are due to the players’ lack of commitment to the West Indies.

The Windies lost in all three formats to India recently as well as an away test series to Bangladesh for the first time in their history.

Cameron also posited the view that the problem extends beyond the field of play.

“We are challenged as a people as everybody wants the game to be over in three hours and we all want to get rich very, very quickly.”

He noted that at an upcoming board meeting serious decision around Windies cricket policy would have to be made.

“Part of our problem is that we have players who are going in and out of the system. They are not fit enough; we’ve spent millions of dollars to bring them to where they are at, and we need players to commit to the West Indies,” said Cameron.

He further argued that the public should also hold players accountable for their lack of commitment.

“It’s not an outcry across the region because the West Indies is not one country. If this were South Africa, we would not allow our players to play other events when West Indies is playing cricket.”

He lamented the fact there seems to no moral authority to force people to play for the Windies even though CWI have allocated a lot of resources to the training and development of its athletes.

“I think we need some sort of public forum where everybody can get behind us,” noted Cameron.

Carole Maye, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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