Culture’s Absurdity

To no one’s surprise, the police to whom two complaints were made, one by a woman needing medical attention, that she was assaulted by a lawmaker, and by the lawmaker alleging an unprovoked attack by a woman, the case has been closed for lack of corroborating witnesses and the uncooperative combatants who cannot be compelled to aid the police investigation to ascertain the veracity of that which is no longer being alleged. How inconvenient for the police whose default motto is to leave no stones unturned?

What about the video of the beating?

The police are constrained by the quality to definitively identify the persons.

Was a crime committed? The police answer is that there are no complainants for the state to pursue an investigation.

Were the lawmaker and the lady at the scene of the fracas?

The police don’t know or does not want to know? For the cell phones locations could be referenced against the video information to implicate or exclude the MP from the grievous allegations that he battered a woman.

Too many stones to unturn, unless witnesses come forward to allege what a video which has no axe to grind, has compelled by it’s inadvertent capture of duplicity.

“Witnesses coming forward. To do what? To misremember their original sworn statement to the police? To publicly un-witness their near-death experiences and by default choose to live in a country where it could have been worse? What could be worse than living without one’s dignity? Doesn’t this, “No surprise Case Close”; rises to that level?

We have seen this movie before with its predictable natural death. We have no reason to be angry. Our flying pigs wear lipsticks, our mongrels migrate to Canada, and paradise celebrates remittances.

We have no reason to be angry. And yet we might just use this darn no good ass whopping video to provoke our dignity.

I wouldn’t bet on it. Lipstick is preferable to ham and bacon around here.

Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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