Cultivating An Attitude Of Gratitude

“….gives immense joy”

What is Gratitude?

GratitudeGratitude is the emotion of being thankful for what one has or what one has experienced in life. Practicing gratitude daily can help us to grow emotionally and spiritually. So, who are we expressing gratitude to? Gratitude is expressed in prayer or meditation to the higher power or being we acknowledge as our creator. This is cross-cutting in the major religions of the world. Gratitude is also expressed to family, friends, associates and even strangers when we are sincerely touched and moved by an act of kindness or a gesture shown at a point in time.

The mind-body connection has demonstrated that gratitude, attitude and optimal health are well-linked. Several interviews done with centenarians have revealed that persons with longevity enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life and enjoy being around family and friends. The practice of gratitude can be taught and incorporated in anyone’s daily life.

Adopting an attitude of gratitude improves health and well-being

  • Anxiety and depression are improved when we practice gratitude
  • An attitude of gratitude makes us happier and more appreciative
  • Being appreciative builds emotional resilience
  • Our relationships are strengthened as we are more willing to forgive
  • The immune system is strengthened making us more resilient to infections
  • When we are in a state of gratitude the blood pressure is lower
  • An attitude of gratitude distracts us from aches and pains
  • Sleep is more restful
  • A state of gratitude propels us to work toward optimal health

Why do it every day?

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” and similarly each day we express gratitude keeps the blues away. We should do it every single day to improve and sustain good mental and physical health. Just by adopting and attitude of gratitude persons recovering from chronic illnesses including cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and debilitating illnesses have experienced accelerated recovery and healing.

The daily expression of gratitude is also a great practice for individuals who are in good health. Verbalizing or journaling expressions of thankfulness helps to keep us grounded and connected to God the Father. For spiritual growth we must master gratitude and forgiveness.

Tips to get started

  • Start journaling by making daily entries of at least 5 things you are grateful for.
  • Give thanks on waking in the mornings and give thanks for the unfolding of an awesome day.
  • Remind yourself often throughout the day that you are blessed and grateful.
  • Before you fall asleep at nights, give thanks for things, persons and experiences which made the day special.

Gratitude should be inculcated in small children as this will contribute to the shaping of their humanity and stewardship.

My own testimony is that the practice of thankfulness has made me a more soulful woman. I see and appreciate the beauty in persons young and old. Being in nature fascinates me like never before. I also appreciate my gifts, talents, and the person I have become. I am so in love with life.

Hi, everybody.  Our country is home to some of the most beautiful God-given landscapes in the world.  We’re blessed with natural treasures – from the Grand Tetons to the Grand Canyon; from lush forests and vast deserts to lakes and rivers teeming with wildlife.  And it’s our responsibility to protect these treasures for future generations, just as previous generations protected them for us.

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