Cuba Building Solar Plants To Link To National Grid

HAVANA, Cuba (Xinhua) — Sun-scorched Cuba is looking to harness solar energy to reduce its reliance on pricey imported fossil fuels and further develop renewable energy.

“On the day we can export solar energy, we’ll become millionaires,” Havana resident Norma Lopez says cheerfully, during one typical hot, sunny day in the nation’s capital.

Sweating from the heat, Lopez, who is retired and is in her 70s, feels surprised to learn that it is possible to turn the sun’s rays into exportable energy. Moreover, Cuba has made it a priority to generate more energy from the sun.

Several weeks ago, Cuba’s electric company, Union Electrica de Cuba, announced it was building four photovoltaic parks in the western province of Matanzas, where another nine are also planned.

The Matanzas project is part of a large government program to develop renewable energy sources and wean the country off fossil fuels. The goal is to generate 24 per cent of Cuba’s energy from renewable sources by 2030.

On this Caribbean island, solar radiation can reach about five kilowatts per square meter per day or 1,852 KW a year, a rate considered good by experts.

The government plans to build a total of 59 solar parks, 33 of which are to be completed this year, Jesus Lacera Linde, executive secretary of the Project Board in Cuba’s Ministry of Construction (Mincons), told state daily Granma earlier this year.

Source: Jamaica Observer

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