Cricket Netizens Call Charge Of West Indies…

Losing An Unfair Game — Balderdash

In response to an article written by Daniel Brettig titled, “West Indies losing an unfair game” on website, W.I. cricket fans took to social media in large numbers to express their view in a heated debate on the topic.

Bretigg posited in his piece that the West Indies players were disadvantaged by virtue of pay difference with their counterparts in other countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

Furthermore, he argued that the poor performance of the current W.I. team on tour could be partly attributed to this factor.

“To misquote Bill Woodfull: there are two teams out there, one is playing cricket for good money and the other is not,” wrote Bretigg.

This argument, however, has not found favor among a lot of cricket fans who argue the following:

  1. West Indies players on average earn U$120,000 per year — far beyond the average professional or executive in the Caribbean
  2. The current performance of players does not warrant one red cent more as they are currently being paid far beyond their play grade
  3. People are not bum-rushing gates to see any of the current crop of players walk to the pitch to bat or run in from the boundary to bowl
  4. There is a vast amount of money to be made, but players must lift their game to command the pay of their counterparts, for example, the Australian
  5. The star players such as Gayle, Sammy et al. were not winning the W.I. Test matches or even ODIs
  6. W.I. players are on par in pay with other nations probably with the exception of Australia and England

The counter-argument, however, by other fans include:

  1. Money is the sole motivator for not only workers but also W.I. cricketers and they should be rewarded or incentivized, in order for them to lift their game
  2. The W.I. cricketers have a short career life span and therefore should be handsomely rewarded from as early in their career as possible
  3. Cricketers game do not start on the field as they have to make tremendous sacrifices and spend a huge amount of time in training and development
  4. W.I. players deserve a greater share of the revenue as they are the ones taking home the bacon

It is obvious that one can argue and justify one’s point of view on either side of the debate. However, when it reaches the point that it’s money, by all means, necessary and at all cost then the rich heritage of West Indies cricket may just become a mere memory of the past and a footnote in history.

There has never been a time in West Indies history when the Board has been able to match other nations’ cricketers in salary and one could argue that this will not happen any time soon.

Yes, money is important and God knows one would want W.I. cricketers to earn as much as possible but it should not be at the point of going rogue and losing one’s soul through greed.

West Indies cricketers ought not to be blinded to the historical and cultural heritage of the game and “foregoing a paycheck” on a timely basis to give back to the community is not too much to ask.

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