Could Bill Cosby Be In Trouble?

Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Bill Cosby.
Photo Credit: Wikipedia – Bill Cosby.

Well known and legendary comedian Bill Cosby has again found himself in a spot of bother after failing to respond to questions of rape allegations put to him by NPR’s radio host, Scott Simon.

Sitting beside Camille his wife of 52 years, he was asked in the interview if he had any response to a series of sexual assault accusations made against him. Cosby has never faced any criminal charges even though there have been several charges of sexual impropriety in the past.

Cosby appeared on the “Weekend Edition” program on Saturday to discuss African art he and his wife are loaning the Smithsonian Institution.

When the question of alleged rape was put to the showman, he responded in silence. “You’re shaking your head no,” the host said.

In light of the latest discussions surrounding rape allegations, the 77-year-old Cosby, has cancelled appearances on the “Late Show With David Letterman” and the “Queen Latifah Show.” This has added further fire to an already heated debate in the press.

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