Controversy About The Secret Heirs Of The Apartheid Leader, Mandela

Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Nelson Mandela.
Photo Credit: Wikipedia – Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela the famous apartheid leader, was the secret parent to two girls. They are claiming their shares from his £3m will. They both assert Mandela had illegal affairs with their distinct mothers while he was married.

They have also contacted a lawyer to get their rights. They are demanding to be accepted as Mandela’s young kids. Solicitors for Onica Mothoa and Mpho Pule have advanced the expert of the High Court in South Africa.

Michael Katz, one of two lawyers nominated by the estate’s executors, to handle matters surrounding Mandela’s will verified he had been contacted last month.

Mothoa was born in the village of Atteridgeville in 1947 to Sophie Majeni. Majeni met Mandela while she was employed as a domestic employee in Pretoria which Mothao has claimed. Majeni’s parents forced her to proceed into concealing after realising she had become pregnant with a child by Mandela and to hide the truth. From 2003 she started her voyage to meet her father.

Pule was born in 1945, had spent nearly 12 years battling to glimpse the man she accepted was her dad. Her grandmother only revealed the harsh truth to her about her father.

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