College Professors Launch Book Club

College ProfessorsBook Clubs are gaining popularity in the U.S. as more and more people are viewing this as a means of not only connecting with people who share similar interest in the reading of books, but also a channel for networking and building relationships.

Consequently, Book Clubs are now being formed online as well as through face-to-face meetings at various locations.

One of the latest clubs to be launched is The Professors Book Club.

The club is started by a group of professors from Long Island Business Institute.

“We believe that this is a positive move to not only foster relationships among colleagues but also to create interest in reading,” said Professor Davy Desmond, convener of the book club. “We started the club because we recognize that reading and sharing is the best practice in building a solid knowledge base.”

He said that the goals of the club are:

  1. To expand members’ literary experience by:

Reading quality works written by different authors.

Reading a selection of titles within a wide genre that covers new and classic fiction, mystery, inspirational, romance, as well as biographies and autobiographies.

  1. To introduce members to new authors and continue reading works by older authors.
  1. To provide an open forum for the exchange of ideas, opinions, and stimulating discussions.

“The response from professors is encouraging and many of them have suggested networking with other colleges for the mutual sharing of knowledge and classroom experience,” Professor Davy also said.

He stated further that the club will meet on a monthly basis at the Rose Tea House in Flushing, Queens.

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow

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