Clinton’s Latest Poll Number Shows A Positive Trend

Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Photo Credit: Wikipedia – Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is on a run-away ride in her race to Election Day.

Following her announcement of the selection of her Vice-President running mate Tim Kaine and the post-Democratic National Convention, Clinton’s poll numbers have been boosted thus putting her ahead of the Donald J. Trump, the Republican torchbearer.

She has overtaken Trump who had earlier led her by 3 points after his Republican Party convention held earlier in Cleveland, Ohio.

According to a press report, Clinton opened up a 15-point margin in the McClatchy-Marist survey, 48% to 33%, which was conducted as Trump feuded publicly first with the Muslim parents of a slain American war hero and then House Speaker Paul Ryan, one of the GOP’s most popular and powerful figures.

The report also noted that Clinton nearly tied Trump among men in an NBC-WSJ poll and enjoys a 22-point swing — she now leads by 8 points — in the McClatchy-Marist survey. With women, she continues to enjoy an overwhelming advantage — 50% to 30% according to McClatchy-Marist and 51% to 35% in the NBC-WSJ results.

An average of polls aggregated by Real Clear Politics also showed Clinton ahead of Trump by 6.8 percentage points on Friday, up from 3.9 on Aug. 1

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Edited by Jesus Chan
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