Clinton Pours Scorn On Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy

Photo Credit: Zachary Moskow/Wikipedia.
Photo Credit: Zachary Moskow/Wikipedia.

Democratic presidential candidate frontrunner Hillary Clinton pour scorn on presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trumps’ foreign policy labeling it as ”reckless” and possibly ”dangerous.”

“I have to tell you how concerned I am with what I hear Trump saying,” Clinton said at a campaign event in New Jersey.

“I have said he is a loose cannon. What do I mean by that? Well, I think calling for more countries to get nuclear weapons, which is the last thing we need that’s a loose cannon,” she said.

“I think advocating torture, that’s loose cannon,” she added.

“You go down the list and you got a really reckless, even dangerous agenda that he is promoting.”

She said there is a lot of concern around the world about Trump’s candidacy.

Clinton’s comments come amidst a rallying call for Republican leaders to rally around Trump to defeat Clinton in the upcoming presidential race in November.

Recent polls also show that after weeks of trailing Clinton in head-to-head polls, Trump’s numbers have jumped having taken out all sixteen Republican contenders out of the nomination race.

The national poll found 41 percent of likely voters supporting Clinton and 40 percent backing Trump, with 19 percent undecided.

The narrowing poll numbers are the result of both a gain by Trump and a drop by Clinton as she tries to recover and overcome a brutal campaign attack from Saunders.

Barbara Greene, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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