City College of New York Engineering Students Win Chem-E-Car Competition

“Iodonator – C8,” the latest chemical powered vehicle designed by City College of New York engineering students, took first place at the Mid-Atlantic regional competition to qualify for the AIChE’s national finals in San Francisco this November.

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“This is the first time City College has placed first in an American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) regional or national competition,” said Dilan Mataraarachchi, a chemical engineering and captain of the CCNY Chem-E- Car team.

CCNY competed against 27 other universities and colleges at the Mid-Atlantic competition, with Iodonator outperforming entries from Princeton University, Cooper Union and Johns Hopkins among others.

The objective of the Chem-E-Car competition is to build a car, the size of a shoebox, which runs and stops at a precise distance via one or more chemical reactions. Iodine is one of the chemicals used by the CCNY students from the Grove School of Engineering to run their invention, and a source of its name.

Iodonator’s trip to San Francisco will be the fourth straight by a CCNY team to the AIChE finals where they have excelled in recent years. Their honors include a second place finish in 2013 with “REAKTER,” and the Spirit of Competition Award in 2015 with “RuSTi.”

The team to Delaware comprised (all chemical engineering unless indicated):

  • Aftab Siddidiu;
  • Dilan Mataraarachchi;
  • Shakir Julien;
  • Riliwan Sanni;
  • Kawsu Touray (electrical engineering);
  • Jovan Tewira;
  • Paulina Librizzi;
  • Yashoma Boodhan;
  • Brian Chen;
  • Nicholas Randazzo;
  • Deyvi Tenemaza
  • Simon Ng (mechanical engineering).

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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