Christians In Jamaica Call For The Boycott Of The Film Fifty Shades Of Grey

Christians In Jamaica Call ForAccording to press reports, many Christians in Jamaica have joined the international campaign mounted by domestic violence activists, religious leaders, and conservative politicians in their call for the boycotting of the erotic film Fifty Shades of Grey.

The film is already banned in countries such as Kenya, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, and Indonesia, among others.

Notwithstanding, the film continues to rake in millions at the box offices.

The reported that the President of Jamaica’s Love March Movement for Sexual Purity, Daniel Thomas, is among those who have called for a boycott of the film.

Thomas reportedly said the movement has already started discouraging persons from watching it through social media, articles, and posters.

“A national call to boycott the movie is still warranted and necessary,” Thomas told the Jamaica Gleaner.

“It should be boycotted, not just because the writer visited sex dungeons to help create it, or because it has been banned in nations like Malaysia as a fifth of the movie is pornographic sex, but because this movie deceitfully glorifies violent sexual abuse and the degradation of women under the guise of erotic,” added Thomas.

“Women should not be forced into having sex, neither should they be stalked (but) this movie says they should. We call upon every Christian, everyone that has interest in adding value to our ladies and every well-thinking citizen to boycott this movie. It should not have been shown here in the first place,” declared Thomas, who pointed out that several members of the movement’s leadership team have read the book and have seen reviews of the film.

Despite the calls for the boycott of the movie, however, Jamaicans continue to turn out in droves to watch the film.

The film is said to have one of the highest debut openings in the island.

That said, many leaders continue to voice their concerns about the type of  message being sent to young people by this type of movie.

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