Chrissy’s Christmas 2014 Menu

Chrissy’s Christmas 2014Appetizers

Tiny salt fish balls on toothpicks (dip optional).

Garlic chicken on thin cassava bread.
Cheese straws.
Vegetables (local broccoli bits and carrot strips) with june plum (golden apple) dip.
Fruits (different melons), navel oranges, tangerines.

The Meal

Local cilantro and shrimp salad with local Romaine lettuce, tomatoes and celery with zesty mango dressing.
Cucumber and onion lime pickle decorated with red, yellow and green sweet peppers in dish surrounded by slices of avocado.
Baked potato, carrot, and cauliflower in cheddar cheese and mustard sauce.
Fresh pigeon peas and rice.
Stewed pigeon peas with smoked chicken and tiny dumplings.
Baked stuffed roaster with mushroom gravy (stuffing has jerk chicken bits and raisins).
Stuffed deboned yellow tail snappers with coconut and wine sauce decorated with wiri wiri peppers lime and parsley.


Christmas pudding with rum and ginger sauce.
Coffee and coconut ice-cream with crushed shortbread biscuits and cherries.
Chocolates and other stuff.
Drinks of all kinds including ginger beer, sorrel, and the usual wines and spirits (including a delish new Red Stripe variety – beer and sorrel).
Blue Mountain coffee.

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