Chris “Universe Boss” Gayle — Got More In The Tank

Chris Gayle, the Windies’ most celebrated and prolific runs scorer since the exit of former captain Bryan Lara from cricket, is harboring no thoughts of retirement.

And at the ripe old age of 41 later this year, the ‘Universe Boss’ is looking forward to playing in two more World Cup before calling it quits.

Yes, you got that right; he has his eyes set on not just the 2021 T20 World Cup in India but also the 2022 edition that is to be hosted in Australia.

Speaking to ANI on the sidelines of the ‘Ultimate Kricket Challenge (UKC),’ Gayle told the news outlet that he still has a lot more to offer and sees himself at the wicket and as competitive as anyone else for another five years.

“Oh yes, of course, no retirement plan as of now. I believe that I still have five more years, so before 45, no chance. And yes, two more World Cups to go,” he posited.

The Ultimate Kricket Challenge (UKC) is a newly minted tournament that includes Gayle, Yuvraj Singh, Eoin Morgan, Andre Russell, Kevin Pietersen, and Rashid Khan.

The host of the tournament is the Coca-Cola Arena, situated in Dubai.

This tournament’s rules are that every player playing in the competition is termed a UKC Contender who bats for two innings of 15 balls each.

He can bowl a minimum of eight balls, also termed as the Gladiators. At the same time, a substitute player bowls seven balls.

The Batsman will get runs only if he completes a physical run.

Two points are awarded for a UKC contender winning a match in the league stage, and the UKC contender with more runs at the end of each match is the winner.

Posed with the question of how different the concept of playing solo works, Gayle reportedly said, “I think it’s a new and exciting concept added to the game of cricket. But like I say, you never know; but at the same time, it’s fantastic in many ways, and you can easily relate (to) it… I’m sure everyone will actually get to watch what’s happening pertaining to the UKC, so it’s totally different from what I’m sure you have seen in indoor cricket before.”

He also noted that once fans catch on to the concept, it will make a substantial difference.

“And you do know indoor cricket really has a buzz. But in UKC, you will be playing in a cage. Big names are there, and when all this is happening, then everybody would want to know, or they will tune in…(When fans) get the hang of it, I’m sure they’re gonna love it,” he reportedly said.

Gayle was not on the Windies’ radar in their tour to New Zealand recently but made his presence felt in the 13th edition of the IPL in UAE, amassing 288 runs with an average of 41.14 and a strike rate of 137.14.

The Windies ace opening batter maintained that age is just a number.

Nigel Bell, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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