China’s Province Seeks To Stamp Out Religious Extremism

China’s ProvinceChina has introduced new regulations that would prevent people from or induce others to wear clothes or symbols portraying any form of religious extremism.

This new regulation was passed in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region last week Friday.

The new measure is intended to protect legal religious activities and was approved unanimously by the Standing Committee of the Xinjiang People’s Congress.

The regulation is slated to come into effect at the beginning of the New Year.

Ma Mingcheng, deputy director of the Xinjiang People’s Congress and director of its legislative affairs committee is quoted as saying, “An increasing number of problems involving religious affairs have emerged in Xinjiang.”

He also reportedly said, “The old regulation, which was passed 20 years ago, just cannot handle new situations, such as the spreading of terrorist or extreme religious materials via the Internet or social media, and using religion to interfere in people’s lives.”

The new regulation will prohibit people from distributing and viewing videos about jihad, or holy war, religious extremism and terrorism in or outside religious venues, and requires religious leaders to report such activities to the local authorities and police.

Yvad Billings Readers Bureau, Fellow

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