China Set To Open World’s Longest Bridge

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China is set to open its mega bridge — the longest sea bridge in the world.

The bridge is being unveiled after seven years of construction.

It is 55 km long, 6 lanes wide, has 4 tunnels, and encompasses 4 artificial islands.

The bridge connects Hong Kong, Macau, and mainland China.

According to press reports, the bridge costs a whopping 20 billion dollars and has been fraught with delays, overspending, and fatal accidents.

Gao Xinglin, Bridge Team Leader, said in an interview that the project has been an international partnership involving foreign experts from countries such as the U.S., U.K., Denmark, Switzerland, Japan, Holland, among others.

Additionally, Beijing is touting the project as a grand achievement.

Song Ruan, a foreign affairs spokesperson said, “We hope that friends from the press can take this opportunity to see the new accomplishment of China in a new era.”

It is expected that 40,000 vehicles will traverse the bridge per day with travel time cutting by a half.

However, critics have complained that China is seeking to blur the border and undermine Hong Kong’s autonomy under the one country two systems agreement.

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