China Offers Big Cash Award For Information On Foreign Spies

The Chinese government is offering people a large amount of cash to help expose and root up spies from overseas that are currently undertaking sinister activities within the country.

The move is said to be one of the latest sweeping security crack downs that is presently being undertaken by President Xi Jinping’ s regime.

According to media reports, Chinese citizens can now earn up to 500,000 Yuan or $72,000 by providing the government with insightful information on activities of spies inside the country.

City officials have reportedly said the public should help “to slowly construct an iron Great Wall in combating evil and guarding against spies.”

Chinese governments over the years have been suspicious of foreign influences and ideas.

Additionally, foreign academics, organizations, and companies have come under greater scrutiny as the government seeks to beef up national security.

Local authorities have also reportedly said that the heart of Chinese governance and innovation, Beijing “is the first choice among foreign spy agencies and others who are fiercely carrying out infiltration, subversion, division, destruction, and theft.”

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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