Chilean Medical Center Sells Covid-19 Negative Tests For US$85

A medical center located in the Las Condes district allegedly falsified Covid-19 test results in exchange for US$85.

The illegal activity mainly benefited travelers who needed to prove that they were not infected. The laboratory involved is called Care Full Home and specialized in offering home services for the elderly.

According to the regional health secretary, Paula Labra, the evidence found included WhatsApp messages in which hospital staff offered PCR tests with negative results in one hour without the nasal swab test.

Once the complaint was received, the health authority informed the police, and together they carried out an inspection where further evidence was found. “It is an attack on public health, especially in the conditions in which we find ourselves in the Metropolitan Region,” Labra said.

Additionally, she announced that a lawsuit will be filed and that the clinic and all customers who bought the negative tests will be investigated further with a view to imposing appropriate sanctions.

On the other hand, the authorities have ordered the closure of the site, and it will no longer be able to operate.

Since 7 January, the Chilean government requires all people who want to enter the country to present a document certifying that they have tested negative for coronavirus.

In this way, all citizens, residents, and foreigners entering Chile will only be able to embark or disembark with a negative PCR test result, which can be carried out ‘nasopharyngeally’ by an institution validated by the Chilean Ministry of Health or the health authority where the person comes from. 

Due to the large influx of vacation travel, the demand for this type of certification has increased significantly.

The mayor of Las Condes, Joaquin Lavin, revealed that the discovery was made thanks to the information provided by a woman who lives near the laboratory. She asked them to visit her at her home, as she needed a PCR test to travel outside Chile.

A member of the Care Full Home staff went to see her and told her that it was not necessary to carry out the test and that in one hour, she could have the document with the result if she paid 60 thousand Chilean pesos.

Lavin has also announced that the municipal authorities will take legal action in addition to those initiated by the health ministry.

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Edited by Jesus Chan

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