CMU Gets Training Vessel

The Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) now boasts a TAGU supplier sea vessel which will serve to boost capacity for training and marine research.

“I am happy we have it,” Executive Director of the university’s Centre for Blue Economy and Innovation, Ambassador Joachim Schmillen, told JIS News.

“We have marine biotechnology students; we have the cadets… all of them should make use of it. It is something you can be trained on – a small vessel but fully operational,” he noted.

“I see also the possibility of cooperation with other universities in Jamaica and in the wider region, as this is something that gives us a new, special opportunity, which we did not have before,” he added.

The small sea vessel is donated by the German engineering company, TAGU.

The 16-meter-long vessel, which was previously used by TAGU to conduct hydrographic surveys for underwater construction projects, was generally underutilized over the last two years, resulting in superficial corrosion and faded paint.

Ambassador Schmillen said that the process to restore the vessel provides an ideal training opportunity for CMU students.

“It means that our students will have a lot of opportunities to understand what maintenance means – grinding, removing rust, priming, painting…we are a university where we educate and train people, especially in this field, so we want to give our students the opportunity to train and do it on a real boat,” he pointed out.

It can transport a maximum of 14 persons and has a multibeam and single-beam echo sounder, Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, and an integrated motion sensor.

Nigel Bell, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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