Can One Make More Than $5000 Per Month From Google Ad Sense

According to Jay Garcia, a full-time blogger and Internet entrepreneur, this can be achieved.

He said that part of his focus has been on the keywords that people search for in Google which he referred to as low hanging fruit.

He noted that over the course of a year he would write about 1000 pieces of content that target several phrases that people would search for in Google.

Google Ad SenseMoreover, when he chooses a topic, he doesn’t select something that is going to earn me $0.10 per click on AdSense but rather focused on topics that earn $0.75 or higher — the higher the click value, the less clicks one needs.

Garcia posited that what most people don’t realize is that AdSense is still a very viable option for earning a living online.

He stated that most people focus on the very obvious topics like diet or car insurance which are way too competitive for the average blogger/marketer.

He also argued that he goes after topics which are popular, but generally not as competitive. Thereafter, he breaks down all the things people would look for on that topic and build out a very large site.

“Over the course of my first year on a single site, I can earn anywhere from $2000 to $10,000 per month in most cases,” noted Garcia.

“There is no magic button, but if you know how to choose the correct topic and create content that is if mediocre to great quality, you can generate some very nice income,” he concluded.

Charles Stone, Readers Bureau, Fellow

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