Can Obama Be A Different Kind Of Former President?

President Donald J. Trump is viewed both by the press and Republican Party supporters as different, not only in terms of his candidacy in the past general election, but also in his current position as President of the U.S.

Trump has made several unorthodox moves that have left a number of pundits puzzled, and the opposition Democratic Party leadership dizzy.

He kicks the can down the road, opens a can of worms, breaks what’s fixed, does what is deemed politically incorrect, and lives politically to tell the tale.

In the days of old, the question that would be asked is what manner of man is this?

The fact is Trump has acted on various fronts time and again without impunity.

Some of his many actions include maintaining his twitter presence despite calls by some of his operatives and technocrats to forego the platform, refusal to put his properties in in a public trust as well as keeping his income tax return from the public’s view, among others.

At the same time, his base cheers and applaud him on his every move while he continues to ratchet up his post-election rally numbers by thousands.  

Now, given Trump’s unorthodoxy, the question that many people are asking is whether Barack Obama can be a different kind of former president – an unorthodox ex-President?

Currently, former presidents tend to keep a low profile with little or no political involvement.

However, at age 55, Obama is still a young man and given his experience and academic qualification, one, therefore, wonders whether he should not take on an activist type of role as an ex-president.

There are a number of issues that he could still play a critical role in leading from the front on. These include the environment, criminal justice reform, health care, immigration, race relations, and gun control, among others.

He had earlier talked about returning to community organizing, which would be a good move as interaction and leadership at the community level in the U.S. left much to be desired.

“I’ll go back to doing the kinds of work that I was doing before, just trying to find ways to help people,” he told middle schoolers last year.

“Help young people get educations, and help people get jobs, and try to bring businesses into neighborhoods that don’t have enough businesses. That’s the kind of work that I really love to do,” he added.

With the voiceless 99 percenters and Obama’s appeal and massive support base, this may just be the place he ought to be to influence decision making in Washington.

The truth is, Obama still has unfinished work to do, particularly among minority, and he still can make a meaningful contribution to society apart from writing books and making thousand dollar speeches.

The question remains, however, can Obama be a different type of ex-President? Will he? Some will argue, yes, he can!

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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