Bush Calls Out Marco Rubio For “Playing Hooky”

Please listen for your names, Marco Rubio, ahem… Rubio, not here?

Photo Credit: US Senate.
Photo Credit: US Senate.

Marco Rubio is said to have the worst voting attendance record in the Senate this year. In an NBC News analysis released at the beginning of October, it stated that Rubio had missed 59 votes since declaring his run for president in April or 42%.

The number, of course, would have increased since then as the Senator is hell bent on assuming higher office even at the expense of negligence in his duty at the lower level.

The 44-year-old junior United States Senator from Florida, who is seeking to be President in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, has lost his appetite for representing the people from his state in Florida in the Senate.

However, he wants to represent the people from all the states in the White House.

Should it be that elementary, my dear Mr. Rubio?

Certainly, Jeb Bush another Republican 2016 Presidential candidate doesn’t think so and he made his position undoubtedly clear in the last Republican debate, a week ago.

“Marco, when you signed up for this, this was a six-year term, and you should be showing up to work,” Bush scolded Rubio.

“I mean, literally, the Senate – what is it, like a French work week? You get, like, three days where you have to show up? You can campaign, or just resign and let someone else take the job,” he added.

The fact is Rubio is paid $174,000 per year to represent the people within his state and part of his duty is to show up to vote and join in the debate on important matters in the Senate.

In his defense, Rubio has argued time and again that other Presidential candidates before him have done it, but the question one may ask, does it make it right, Senator Rubio?

The truth is Rubio must learn to multi-task or resign and focus on his personal ambition of being president.

In corporate America, one does not collect pay without fulfilling the requirements of his or her job; therefore, in government there should be no difference — a full day’s work for a full day’s pay.

So, Mr. Rubio can campaign all he wants, but he should not short change his constituents by not representing their interest in Congress.

That said, it is people of Mr. Rubio’s ilk who once elected to office make rules or laws that militate against workers.

Already, Rubio has strongly voiced his objection against Americans earning paid sick time to address their own health needs and the health needs of their families. Yet, he is taking paid time off to campaign in order to pursue his own interest.

The hypocrisy of some politicians knows no bounds, and it’s now time for the voting public to put a stop it — no more hoodwinking, Mr. Rubio!

Davy Desmond, Readers Bureau, Fellow

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