Building Bridges

If we had come to the brook and found a bridge already in place, we would cross it without any reservations or accounting worry.

Moreover, if someone offered us a bridge over troubled waters, we would gladly take it. So, what then is our problem with affording ourselves a bridge?

We are at a place mentally where we are doing accounting to explain Economics. That is almost exclusively going to weigh us and find us wanting of the stuff that’s needed, resulting in the bridge not being built.

Building a bridge is not a “check your bank account” dilemma. It is a check your commitment deal. The cost of a bridge is not the sum of the associated invoices but the price you are willing to pay. For any bridge to be affordable your enthusiasm is part of your down payment?

“What about the cost analysis involved?”

“Put it this way. Somebody could give you the bridge for free and charge you a toll to cross it and make more money from that arrangement while our cost analysis freshly done by a respected accountant firm says we cannot afford ourselves our own bridge.”

Skeptical? It’s routine.

Can you imagine a market exists where people can bet that you will not build the bridge? And WIN!! Then use that money tainted with your jaundiced views of you, gift you a bridge for free, charge you tolls and watch your celebrations of their generosity. Does it need to be said that we are celebrating our lack of confidence in ourselves?

My advice is simple. Build the bridge over this brook. Use this brook as a Godsend opportunity to break a mould and establish a beachhead of “Yes! We can!” For if we don’t, whatever arguments and accounting justifications we use to excuse our unaffordable analysis, when we come to a river we won’t even be able to pretend we are men. We have presided over our mediocrity long enough. Be committed to your vision of who you are. Be Amazing.

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Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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