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China’s First Privately-Owned High-Speed Railway To Start Operation

China’s first privately-owned high-speed railway, the Hangzhou-Taizhou high-speed railway, is set to begin operation on Saturday.

The project was constructed via China’s Public-Private Partnership (PPP), which involves collaboration between the government and private sector that can be used to finance, build and operate projects.

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Ethiopia Announces Pardons For High-Profile Political Prisoners

The Ethiopian government has announced it would pardon and release some of the country’s most high-profile political detainees, including opposition figure Jawar Mohammed and senior Tigray party officials.

The announcement on Friday came after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed issued a statement calling for “national reconciliation” as Ethiopia celebrated Orthodox Christmas.

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Millions Of Typhoon Victims In The Philippines In Desperate Need Of Emergency Aid

GENEVA — U.N. and international agencies warn more than three weeks after Typhoon Odette struck the Philippines on December 16; millions of survivors remain in desperate need of emergency assistance.

The typhoon ripped across an enormous area in southern and central Philippines, about the size of Austria, razing thousands of houses and displacing more than 680,000 people.

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Time To Frown Upon The Unvaccinated, Says Tufton

Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. Christopher Tufton, has highlighted that the overwhelming majority of persons hospitalized with COVID-19 and who fall into one of three categories – moderately ill, severely ill or critically ill – are unvaccinated.

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