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Doctors want review of ministry protocol

The Medical Association of Jamaica (MAJ) is calling for a review of a Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) protocol that requires healthcare workers (HCWs) to continue working if they test positive for the novel coronavirus but show no symptoms.

According to MAJ President Dr. Brian James, the quarantine and isolation protocol is what will assist the country in terms of having people available when the current surge of COVID-19-positive cases hits a peak.

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China, Nicaragua Sign MoU On Belt And Road Cooperation

China and Nicaragua signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) on Sunday, according to China’s National Development and Reform Commission.

China has signed more than 200 documents on BRI cooperation with 146 countries and 32 international organizations.

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Migrants Fleeing Lebanon By Sea Accuse Greece Of Abuse

Dozens of people in Lebanon attempted to sail to Italy on October 26, but they never reached their destination.

Beirut, Lebanon – When Ahmad, a goldsmith in Lebanon’s coastal town of al-Mina, could no longer operate his machines due to protracted electricity cuts, he knew it was time to find a way out.

“I sold all of my equipment and decided to leave,” the 25-year-old from Lebanon told Al Jazeera. Some of his friends had reached Italy by embarking on the perilous boat journey from the northern city of Tripoli. They persuaded him to do the same.

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U.S. Consumer Prices Jump 7%, Most In 40 Years

WASHINGTON — U.S. consumer prices jumped 7% in December compared to a year earlier, the highest inflation rate in 40 years, the government’s Labor Department reported Wednesday.

Higher prices coursed throughout the U.S. economy in 2021, with the biggest increases since 1982. The annualized jump in December was up from the 6.8% figure in November and was a half-percentage point gain over the course of a month.

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Anti-Vaccine Protesters Try To Storm Bulgarian Parliament Building

Anti-vaccine protesters have clashed with police in Bulgaria as they tried to storm the parliament building.

The violence erupted at a protest rally on Wednesday organized by a nationalist group that is fiercely opposing the Bulgarian government’s anti-virus measures.

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