Book Review — The Final Revival Of Opal & Nev

The Final Revival of Opal & Nev follows music journalist, magazine editor, and lifelong fan S. Sunny Shelton covering the unexpected reunion of the controversial 70s Afro-punk duo Opal Jewel and Nev Charles, most remembered for an iconic photo of the two outside of their infamous theater show that ended in a violent riot in which Shelton’s father, Opal & Nev drummer Jimmy Curtis, loses his life in an altercation with members of the audience.

This riot would set off a chain of events that took Opal & Nev to unbelievable heights and equally devastating lows.

To complicate matters further, Jewel and Curtis were engaged in an extramarital affair just before Shelton’s mother was pregnant with her.

From the moment of her coverage, which features extensive interviews with Jewel, the history between her and her idol is always a complex component that will prove to be a source of tension and eventual brooding resentment between the two.

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Edited by Jesus Chan

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