Bob Marley Is My Dad — Lawyers Say Prove It…

But not with Bob’s DNA

So Jah seh,
“Not one of my seeds
Shall sit in the sidewalk
And beg bread.”
(No, they can’t and you know that they won’t!)

— Bob Marley

Fabian Marley has laid claim to Bob Marley as his father over the years, but the Marley family is not only questioning this claim but has also refused to allow for paternity test using samples of Bob’s DNA.

Bob MarleyAccording to a press report, the family is only prepared to make samples of Bob Marley’s Children’s DNA available for comparison but not the reggae icon’s.

However, Fabian Marley has rejected this idea and believes that this goes against the principle of the man he claimed to be his father.

A press report noted that on November 4th, Marley’s family attorney Kevin Powell, a partner in the law firm Hylton Powell, responded to a letter from Keachea Dixon, the attorney for Fabian Marley, on the controversial issue thus:

“…we will make available one or more of Bob Marley’s children to complete the comparative DNA tests…,” the letter said.

“Your client’s request for his DNA to be matched with that of the deceased Robert Nesta Marley is unreasonable and not at all rational,” the letter continued. “It is completely out of the question and our clients will not even consider it.”

The hardened position by the Marley family through their lawyers has now forced Fabian Marley to fight the issue through the courts. He has reportedly told the Jamaica Observer that he will be taking legal action to obtain Bob Marley’s DNA sample to conduct the relevant comparative test.

“I’m taking this to the court. I know I am a Marley. I never went to any of them for anything,” he told the local paper.

“I’m not going to match up DNA with any of the siblings. When I was ready to do this three years ago they turned me down. Mi nuh inna this,” he reportedly said.

The 47-year-old Fabian Marley who is also heavily involved in music has on numerous occasions declared that he is sired by Bob who had a liaison with his mother, Raphie ‘Peggy’ Munroe.

Fabian Marley told the Jamaica Observer that he was born on July 27, 1968, and also said all his official documents, including his birth certificate, have the Marley surname.

Bob Marley is said to have 11 acknowledged children (10 biological, 1 adopted) with seven different mothers. His adopted daughter was his wife Rita Marley’s child from a previous marriage.

Marley died in Florida in May 1981, from cancer at age 36.

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