Biden Touts Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

President Joe Biden has lauded his infrastructure deal with a group of Senators on a plan projected to cost $1.2 trillion.

In a post agreement talk, the President said, the plan will transform our physical infrastructure, thus making it “the largest investment in infrastructure in history, the biggest investment in rail since the creation of Amtrak, and the largest investment in transit ever.”

He noted further that “it would fix roads and bridges, make critical investments in our clean energy future, and help this country compete with China and other economic rivals. It would replace lead water pipes in our schools and houses and connect every American to high-speed internet. It would create millions of high-paying jobs that could not be outsourced.”

The President also argued that the physical infrastructure plan would also be juxtaposed against his American Families Plan.

This he said “would make historic investments in education, health care, child care, and tax cuts for families, coupled with other investments in care for our seniors, housing, and clean energy—has broad support with the American people, but not among Republicans in Congress.”

“I have been clear from the start that it was my hope that the infrastructure plan could be one that Democrats and Republicans would work on together, while I would seek to pass my Families Plan and other provisions through the process known as reconciliation. There has been no doubt or ambiguity about my intention to proceed this way,” said the President.

Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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