Biden Leads In 2020 National Polls

According to press reports, poll numbers have shown Former Vice-President leading U.S. President Donald Trump by double digits.

The latest Real Clear Politics national polls show Biden ahead by 10%, sixteen days before people vote in the November 3rd election.

At the moment, polls in the battleground states are in favor of Joe Biden.

The polls suggest Mr. Biden has big leads in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – three industrial states his Republican rival won by margins of less than 1% to clinch victory in 2016.

FiveThirtyEight, a political analysis website, says Mr. Biden is “favored” to win the election, while The Economist says he is “very likely” to beat Mr. Trump.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are set to go head-to-head in their second live TV debate on October 22nd. 

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Edited by Jesus Chan

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