Beware Of Contemptuous Leadership

“Argument Done!” Another tough-talking PM. The epitome of strength and no-nonsense leadership.

Alas, we have seen this movie before.

There is enough frustration in society with recalcitrant and perennial indiscipline practitioners that allegedly hold us back so that everyone is willing for harsh measures to be entertained.

As usual, this comedy of errors will continue as tragedy and blame, with indicted leadership at the helm.

Whatever is the shortfall of the Jamaican society and there are many, they are engineered and cultivated, and hence not impossible to solve.

“Argument Done” is revealing of the open contempt that elected leaders have felt emboldened to practice since the Michael Manley era.

This move is a continuing saga of “Five flights a day,” and Prime Minister leads March against Gleaner.”

Do not countenance or support contemptuous leadership, whatever the provocation.

It is one thing for an ordinary citizen to disrespect the PM verbally. That is not treason. We have been the poorer for that out of order and disrespect.

But any leader who disrespects its citizens or is shown to hold them in contempt should be excused from office.

For sure, they will grow their pockets but not their portfolios.

It is more rewarding to powder a blackbird and make progress than to be of the mindset that they are not worth the effort or the value and be proven right.

Be imaginative.

Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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