Better Mus’ Come

Electrifying words summing up discontent and giving a total, not of accomplishments but of dissatisfaction.

The Era, with its dynamics and insistent personalities, has left us unfulfilled and interrupted. The “historics”, depending on whose narratives you listen to and are persuaded by, will include sabotage of local and foreign collaboration, or lunacy and misadventure with a political ideology that made the existing pillars of an emerging and growing economy tremble from that wild embrace.

It’s probably no different than one-half of a newlywed running into a compelling and persuasive suitor, and in the heat of the moment, their public display of affection gives alarm that the marriage can never be the same again. They were interrupted.

Getting by the “who dun it ” scenario is interesting, but it presents an intriguing dilemma where the circumstances and relationships have deteriorated to threaten production and social cohesion such that violence and fear are the new summations of “Better Mus’ Come” fifty years on.

One can argue that if outside forces had not intruded on the marriage of convenience, they would have survived their own discontent. Good luck with that.

We sometimes think we stumbled from the obstacles and circumstances placed in our paths. However, what hunger or dissatisfaction is discovered in ourselves by the help or unwanted help of a stranger was already there and festering, though not visible. That hunger was and is always going to be there to challenge, manage, or redirect us toward better outcomes.

What does better look like? Trying to change circumstances when our minds are mired in yesterday’s way of thinking is going to deliver less-than-desirable results.
Better is a measure of our goals. Our dreams.  Passion and desire. We get better when we aim higher.
“Better mus’ come” would have taken care of itself if we had approached and explored the unsatiated hunger. For hunger is not so much what’s on our plates, or what’s not our plates in terms of quality and quantity, but that as we sit down together, holding hands in thanksgiving, we communicate that we will, as much as we can, be there for each other.

It’s a promise without words, to fan each other’s hunger and point us in directions that fulfill us.

Where dreams or fears lead, circumstances follow. Be Daring.

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 Edited by Jesus Chan

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