Barbados Prime Minister Sworn Into Office

Mia Mottley was sworn into office as prime minister on Thursday, thus assuming the leadership of Barbados’ government for the second term.

Mottley, who along with reappointed Attorney General Dale Marshall was sworn in by President Dame Sandra Mason at State House, said she would give serious thought over the weekend to who would form her team of ministers.

She announced that until she swears in her Cabinet, she will take responsibility for the health portfolio amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Over the course of the next few days, until the Cabinet is appointed, I will have to take responsibility for the Ministry of Health because that work with COVID, as you know, is a daily exercise. But I look forward to announcing the Cabinet on Monday, and therefore being able to ensure that once sworn in, that we will start with the business of the affairs of this country,” said Mottley.

She is set to announce her cabinet during the course of this week.

She earlier said, “I’m going to sleep on all of that this weekend. In life, I’ve learned that you don’t do things in extreme happiness or extreme anger, and that what is required is reflection and a little rest,” she said. “And over the course of this weekend, therefore, we will fine-tune the details of the government. We are clear that we have to be transformational and therefore, I do expect to have to make some changes in the structure of how government works.”

Mottley made a clean sweep of the election, winning all 30 seats in the House of Assembly beating back the major opposition Democratic Labor Party (DLP).

She promised to govern in fairness, justice, and truth.

“The one thing I know is that I must not in any way breach the oath of office that I just took, and that the people of this country must always know that the fairness which they value, the accountability which they need, and the transparency which is required will always be part and parcel of the functioning of this government,” Mottley said.

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