Barbados Prime Minister Shuns Opposition Injunction Effort

Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley has said she is not bothered by the attempt of the opposition to stop the general election.

The opposition had earlier filed an injunction in the High Court to put the general election on hold.

The Barbados Sovereignty Party, which is also seeking to have action brought against President Dame Sandra Mason and the Attorney General, claims that the exclusion of more than five thousand COVID-19 positive citizens from the election breaches the Representation of the People Act.

Party member Philip Catlyn contends that Dame Sandra unreasonably exercised her discretionary powers when she accepted the Prime Minister’s election call on December 27.

However, Prime Minister Mottley has pushed back charging that the opposition is wasting time.

Speaking at a public meeting of her ruling Barbados Labor Party on Tuesday night, Ms. Mottley told party supporters that the opposition cannot stop the election.

“The only court that can have anything at all to do with an election is a special election court and the only jurisdiction it has is to determine what happened in the election. So, the election would have to happen before the election court can pass before the election court can pass and render any judgement,” she posited.

More than 266,000 people are eligible to cast ballots in the election, which Ms. Mottley has called 18 months ahead of the constitutional deadline.

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