Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley Wins General Election

Barbadian voters get the leader they demand when they vote to re-elect the ruling Barbados Labor Party (BLP) into government with a consecutive clean sweep of the 30 seats in Parliament.

Preliminary results showed that the BLP had won all the seats in the election that Prime Minister Mia Mottley called 18 months ahead of the constitutional deadline.

 In the process, it allowed the party to become only the second political organization in the Caribbean to sweep all the seats in an election on consecutive occasions.

Mottley easily won her St. Michael North East constituency seat and did so for the seventh time.

She had earlier indicated that this would be her last general election.

She told supporters that she would be announcing her new Cabinet on Monday and that later on Thursday, she, along with Dale Marshall, will go to meet with President Dame Sandra Mason to be sworn into office. Marshall returns as Attorney General.

She noted that she called the election early – ahead of the constitutionally due date to put the country in pole position to deal with a changing global socio and economic situation.

“I thank, you, you the people of Barbados for accepting us at our word that if we do not fix our problems starting from tomorrow we will not be able to guarantee safety to our people in the next 10 to 15 years”.

Meanwhile, the opposition Democratic Labor Party (DLP) leader Verla De Peiza said that while she conceded and congratulated Prime Minister Mottley led BLP, she had no immediate plans to step down as political leader.

” We will make those decisions at a later stage,” she said, adding that “I am proud of what I have established.”

She said that the voter turnout in the election “continues to be “depressing,” adding that ‘serious work will have to be done going forward.

“It was a reckless time to call an election, depressed voter turnout,” she said, adding that she was also “disappointed with the results.”

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