Barbados Gasoline Price Highest In The Caribbean

Barbados has the most expensive gasoline in the Caribbean and Latin America and the 11th most expensive in the world.

According to, the leading provider of data on global fuel prices, as of July 4, Barbadians were paying an average of US$2.34 for gasoline, which is higher than places such as the UK, Switzerland, Singapore, Ireland, and Sweden.

Among other Caribbean countries, Jamaica has the second-highest prices at US$1.74 per liter, followed by the Bahamas at US$1.71, the Cayman Islands at US$1.66, and St Lucia at US$1.46 per liter.

According to the data, the price of gasoline in the oil-producing Trinidad and Tobago averages US$0.99 per liter, in Suriname it is US$1.10 per liter and in Guyana, it is US$1.30.

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