At&T Up The Ante In Data Plans

ATTAmidst fierce competition, AT&T, one of the country’s top wireless providers, has embarked on a new promotion to woo and win the support of consumers.

The company has modified its $40 and $70 Mobile Share Value plans, boosting data by 50 percent in both. Anyone opting for the $40 plan will receive 3 gigabytes of monthly data instead of the normal 2GB bucket. The $70 option allows for 6GB, up from 4GB. There is no expiration date for those plans.

In addition to the data charges, AT&T charges what it calls a monthly “smartphone access charge” of $40 for customers who sign a standard two year contract. With AT&T Next, a program where customers get a new smartphone every year, the monthly access fee is $25 per line.

The company says new and existing AT&T consumers and business customers will see great value in these plans, which include domestic unlimited talk and text.

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