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CNN’s world-renowned chef, best-selling author, and Emmy-winning television personality, Anthony Bourdain, featured Jamaica on his program dubbed ‘Parts Unknown” last Sunday.

And this made the one hour program the talk among the diaspora as people reflect on the Jamaica of the past and the present.

Bourdain’s food trek included stops in Port Antonio, Portland; Winnifred Beach also in Portland; and James Bond Beach in St. Mary.

He sampled the island’s national dish ackee & saltfish, fried fish, jerk chicken, Red Stripe beer, and even white rum with breakfast.

“A splash of rum won’t hurt … or, for the braver souls, a generous shot of the liquor in a Red Stripe beer for a local fisherman’s drink called ‘steel bottom’,” Bourdain recounted.

Parts Unknown with Bourdain takes viewers to “extraordinary locations around the globe highlighting snippets of culture and cuisine.

Bourdain lamented the contrast between the life of the rich and famous with the average Jamaican. He also bemoaned the fact that very soon Jamaicans may not have access to the prime beaches as they may soon be reserved for tourists and those who are wealthy.

Jamaica – paradise spoilt or unspoiled? The only constant is the wide range of delicious food and friendly people. If in doubt, ask Anthony Bourdain.

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow

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