Another Government Shut Down Looms

There is great anxiety among Dreamers — young people who were brought illegally into the United States as children.

The U.S. Congress continues its pussyfooting in granting them a pathway to stay and work in the U.S.

The fact is President Trump warned last year that he would end by March 5 another Obama’s program — that of protecting the Dreamers from deportation.

“We want to make a deal,” Trump said at an event in Virginia with U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials. And he blamed Democratic lawmakers for the impasse.

“I think they want to use it for political purposes for elections. I really am not happy with the way it’s going from the standpoint of the Democrats,” he said.

Democrats, however, have argued that they want protection written into law for the Dreamers, who were given temporary legal status by Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which allows them to study and work in the United States without fear of deportation.

Republicans, who control Congress, are not only undecided but divided on the matter of what to do about DACA and the Dreamers.

The partisan standoff led to a partial shutdown of the federal government last month after Congress failed to pass a stopgap spending.

Now, as the standoff continues between the Republicans’ demand for additional spending and the building of a border wall and the Democrats insistence on legal protection of Dreamers and unentangled immigration policies take front stage another government shutdown is bound to happen if neither side blinked in the weeks ahead.

Carol Maye, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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