All Jamaican Households Set To Get Connected To The Internet By 2025

All Jamaican householders may soon boast Internet access to their homes.

According to Technology Minister Daryl Vaz, this goal-driven program could be realized by 2025.

He said under the National Broadband Initiative, the government will make access to the internet a public good.

“More than 1500 kilometers of fiber optic cable will be laid to provide access to the last mile; more than 1,000 public institutions connected to guarantee access to the last mile; universal access to the internet by every household, every community, every Jamaican and access to public services everywhere, anytime,” Mr. Vaz opined.

He said a task force had been set up to provide the technical input and oversight required to drive the implementation of the strategy.

Additionally, he stated that the estimated cost of implementation of the National Broadband Network is projected to be US$237 million.

Moreover, he stated that the government is exploring different options for financing the program.

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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