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Al Sharpton’s Take On Rachel Dolezal Portraying Herself As Black

Rachel Dolezal, the president of Spokane, Washington’s NAACP chapter, has come under public scrutiny for being a white woman identifying as black in both behavior and scholarship.

She came to media attention following the exposure of her Caucasian parents, who claim their daughter is of German and Czech roots, not black.

In a press report, civil rights activist and television/radio talk host Al Sharpton posited that Dolezal’s race was not in question as whites have served in black organizations over the years.

He also said that many whites died while serving in the civil rights movement.

However, Sharpton questioned Dolezal’s honesty and transparency and argued that one should be able to serve without misrepresenting or denying who one is.

He also scolded the parents for knowing about their daughter’s involvement in the NAACP and waiting this long before exposing her.

He noted that Rachel’s parents were trying to create a distraction from her activism in social justice.

“You’ve got to ask the question, ‘what are Mom and Dad’s motives here… where’ve you been?” said Sharpton.

“On one level, you’ve got to say to her, ‘you’re misleading us,’ but on another level, Mom and Dad, come on,” Sharpton said. “Are we gonna have this dysfunctional family stuff play out and distract us from key civil rights causes?

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow

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