Al-Qaeda Operatives Make The New Year A Bloody Start For France

2015 marks a bloody beginning for the people of France and headlines such as the following underscored the recent event of the brutal killing of 17 people by al-Qaeda operatives in the country:

Paris Shooting: Charlie Hebdo Office Attacked, At Least 12 Dead.

Charlie Hebdo Attack:Three Days Of Terror.

ISIS Al Aqaeda Supporters Praise France Attack.

France Gripped By Fear After Paris Terror Attacks.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Flag in use by the al-Qaeda.
Photo Credit: Wikipedia – Flag in use by the al-Qaeda.

Today, not only the French is filled with horror and indignation at the barbarous act carried out by the three men affiliated with the al-Qaeda terror group, but also people throughout the free world.

When will these types of atrocities end or will they ever end?

At the risk of being called a fatalist, I think attacks of this sort will continue as long as people purporting to be Muslim seek to interpret and practice their faith in ways that may be best described as anachronistic.

Moreover, until the West recognizes that there is a clash of civilization running as an undercurrent wherever Islam is preached and practiced, it will continue to be duped.

The fact is there must be something inherently wrong with any religion that would seek to kill innocent people even if it’s only a fringe radical minority among its members.

Now, it’s all easy for one to explain radical extremist behavior using the lens of historical settings, socio-economic, and political context; however the bottom line is act of mayhem, brutality, and atrocities in the name of religion. Unfortunately, in the case of France as well as in many other instances that religion so happens to be Islam.

The truth is with over 1 billion people practicing the Muslim faith the best one can hope for is a period of enlightenment among all followers and a reinterpretation of the Quran that befits living in a modern society.

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