Advising On Jail Break

Burdened with legacy injustices and specific instances of miscarriages of justice-that others don’t seem to suffer a friend wrongly convicted of a heinous crime contemplates a prison break turns to you for advice.

If as happened before innocence is jailed to appease fear or install it, to subdue rage or provoke it, or is randomly selected to be the face that mirrors hate, whether the convict is in pain or enraged to contemplate the crime of escape, the advice you give should continue to reflect his determination to live freely and not be a fugitive while seeking justice.

Our alleged role in any nefarious activity may be inaccurately stated without malice, yet even if the courts convict an innocent man, a prison break is not freedom. Miscarriages of justice are not fixed or reversed by a convict’s intemperate action. A friend cannot neglect to caution or so advised.

We bear a tremendous responsibility to point each other in the right direction no matter the injuries, insults, or deprivation.

In turn, the quest to preserve a convict’s dignity, more so since we steadfastly believe in his innocence, has to be joined to secure a robust search for evidence and appeal through the courts.

Friends, in moments of weakness or utter frustration, remind of the courage, bravery, and faithfulness the other had always brought to bear. This moment of the crisis demands the same reassurance. Whenever the oil in our friend’s lamp is low darkness is not an option.

The systemic problems in a society cannot but be features that intrude and threaten the idyllic narrates or expose the zeal with which we pursue justice while injuring care as collateral damage. We must prioritize care. Till then friend’s lamp must burn bright. To give light and shine a light, less we pretend or excuse injustices.

Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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