Adam Schiff Supports Liz Cheney’s ‘Referral Charge’ Against Trump

In the CBS’ Face The Nation program host, Margaret Brennan posed the following question to Jan 6 committee member Adam Schiff.

I want to also ask you, the vice-chair of the committee, Liz Cheney, said not prosecuting former President Trump over the attack on the Capitol would be a much graver constitutional threat to the country than the political difficulties involved with bringing charges.

She said this in an ABC interview. She also said there are possible criminal referrals, not just one, but multiple. Do you agree?

“I do. I do,” said Adam Schiff.

He noted that no one should be viewed as being above the law as that would set a dangerous precedence for the country.

“You know, for four years, the Justice Department took the position that you can’t indict a sitting president. If the Department were now to take the position that you can’t investigate or indict a former president, then a president becomes above the law. That’s a very dangerous idea that the founders would have never subscribed to, even more dangerous, I think, in the case of Donald Trump.”

He said further that “Donald Trump is someone who has shown, when he’s not held accountable, he goes on to commit worse and worse abuses of power. So, I agree with Judge Carter in California. I think there was evidence that the former president engaged in multiple violations of the law, and that should be investigated.”

Brennan followed up with her next question accordingly:

But there will be a political calculus to this as well. This is an incredibly divided country right now.

Millions of people voted for the former president and still believe, wrongly, that he won the election. Prosecuting him, isn’t there a very high risk to that?

Schiff said that “it’s certainly not a step to be taken lightly at all.”

And he continued, “At the same time, immunizing a former president who has engaged in wrongdoing, I would agree with our vice chair, I think is more dangerous than anything else. And the decision not to move forward with an investigation or not to move forward with a prosecution because of someone’s political status or political influence or because they have a following, to me, that is a far more dangerous thing to our Constitution than following the evidence wherever it leads, including when it leads to a former president.”

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