A White Christmas… By The Beach

In many countries, when people think of a white Christmas, they think of scarves, frosty fingers, hot chocolate, ski slopes, snow angels, and fluffy white snow.

A White ChristmasHowever, on the other side of the globe, the Southern Hemisphere to be exact, a white Christmas means barbeques, fun in the sun, surfing, sun tans, ice creams, and smooth white sand.

To many people who grew up in the Northern Hemisphere, this concept is certainly bizarre and definitely something to tick off the bucket list indeed.

So, how exactly do people in these faraway parts of the world celebrate, and decorate the halls to get that Christmas feeling?

In Australia, Brazil, and Hawaii, Santa Claus has been known to walk around in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt while his reindeer pull him around on a surfboard, there are also annual Christmas sand man competitions –that’s right I said sand man and not snow man—and

While many of the countries celebrating Christmas in the summer months have their own quirky summer adaptations of Christmas, for the most part, decorations still seem to maintain their European winter tradition, emulating fake snow, winter decorated window displays, and a sweaty Santa Claus walking around in 35 degree heat in a full winter outfit.

While a summery Christmas might be strange to some, the plus side of a Christmas in the sun is that the day lasts much longer and is a lot more relaxing when you can lie around in the heat with a cold one.

Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan